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A little over 4 years ago, Erin stepped into our happy

little gym to regain (and improve upon) the fitness she

had as a college athlete. We spotlighted Erin originally

back in July of 2013 and periodically we update her

story. Enjoy :-)

How have your goals changed since you started?

My goals have definitely changed from when I started by shifting from weight loss focused to maintenance. Also I'm setting goals that 4 years ago would have seemed impossible for me to ever achieve. 

What's the hardest thing on your athletic bucket list, either accomplished or pending?

The hardest thing on my athletic bucket list that I have accomplished is getting a bar muscle up. As far as pending I would say being able to do handstand push-ups & rings dips consistently & consecutively. 

Why do you keep training with us?

I really love coming in everyday to a set structure and working out with great friends that not only push me to be better, but are pushing themselves just as hard to reach their own goals. 

If someone was hesitant or on the fence about joining Alvin CrossFit, what would you tell them?

I would tell them to jump in the waters fine! Yes it will suck, yes you'll want to quit, yes you'll hate yourself, yes you'll do things you've never done before that you will probably fail at & struggle with. But if it was easy then you wouldn't be doing yourself any favors. Alvin CrossFit has an awesome support system to pick you up, dust you off, and keep you headed in the right direction. 

Is there anything else you'd like to say about life, love, CrossFit, unicorns or Blue Bell?


I have really enjoyed making Alvin CrossFit a part of my everyday routine. It's not just about working out & getting in shape. It's about having fun, being a good friend, and challenging yourself & those around you mentally & physically. I am very lucky my fiancé supports me everyday no questions asked. He has endured so much health food, CrossFit lingo, & sweat soaked hugs. It's so important to have someone that supports me & holds me accountable to my goals. Especially in my weak ice cream aisle relapses. People that don't know me very well or don't know what happens in the box think I'm nuts because I enjoy sweating and working out. I try and tell them it's like recess with your friends everyday! Where else can you get a cool nickname like The Unicorn :)

Read our original Q&A with Erin below... all the way back from 2013!

  1. Hometown?
    Houston (Clear Lake), Texas

  2. Occupation?
    Co-owner of TCR Construction

  3. Family (spouse/ children)?
    Fiancé, Brian; No children; Fur child named Parker

  4. What is your athletic background?
    I’ve played various sports throughout my life. I found my passion in high school, Lacrosse. I played throughout high school and college.

  5. How long have you been doing CrossFit and where did you start?
    I started CrossFit with the 101 course on May 9, 2013 at Alvin CrossFit

  6. What did you know about CrossFit before you came in?
    I pretty much came into CrossFit blind. I had heard about it in passing over the past year and the best thing I heard was from a passenger sitting next to me on a flight home. The way he explained how CrossFit is a community and a team made me want to find out more. I watched a YouTube video and followed the CrossFit affiliate links to Alvin CrossFit.

  7. Which class time(s) do you attend and how many times a week did you come when you started AND about how many times a week now?
    I usually attend the 5am class during the week and the Saturday Team WOD, but if I can’t make the 5am I will go to any of the classes. When I first started I was going 4 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Now that I’ve had the Kool-Aid I am going 6 times a week, Monday through Saturday.

  8. What did you think after your first WOD and/or after your first week?
    The next day after my first WOD I thought, I am so sore, I AM this out of shape, I cant wait until I can move so I can go back, why didn’t I start sooner.

  9. How does CrossFit compare to any other training you’ve done?
    CrossFit is unlike any other training I’ve done because it’s always varied and you can scale the workout to suit your needs, by making mods and adding or lowering the weight loads to change the intensity of your workout. Also I like that unlike going to the gym, its like every workout is a team effort.

  10. Why did you start?
    I’ve been an athletic person my whole life, but the past few years fitness has taken a back seat. After hearing about CrossFit, it sounded like a fun way to incorporate it back in my life.

  11. Why do you keep coming back?
    Its like I can’t stay away now. After each WOD it feels so good to know that I’ve pushed myself to the max.

  12. What are your biggest accomplishment(s) or what are you most proud of? Go ahead, brag a little!
    Both my diet change and CrossFit has helped me lose 32lb. and several inches as of the 11-week mark. I feel healthier and stronger each and every day.

  13. What is your favorite CrossFit movement?
    I really enjoy wall balls now because I feel like it works my core, arms, and legs. They also force you to be consistent in your movement.

  14. What is your least favorite CrossFit movement?
    Defiantly the handstand pushup is my least favorite movement. Maybe that will change overtime as I get stronger and more confident in my ability to do them.

  15. What are your strengths and weaknesses in CrossFit?
    One of my strengths in CrossFit is defiantly my ability to push myself out of my comfort zone.  A weakness that I am working on is box jumping. It is definitely a work in progress to get my mind to realize I can do it.

  16. Have you changed your diet since starting CrossFit?
    When I started CrossFit I also changed my diet to 99% Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and chicken or Seafood.

  17. What is your guilty pleasure/ favorite cheat meal?
    Fried pickle spears from Star Cinema Grill are my guilty pleasure.

  18. What is your favorite healthy meal?
    My favorite healthy meat is a mixed greens salad topped with grilled shrimp and fresh fruit.

  19. What do you enjoy doing away from the box or tell us something else about yourself?
    Away from the box I really enjoy spending time with my fiancé Brian and fur child (dog) Parker. We enjoy any and all outdoor activities. Some of my other hobbies are saltwater aquariums and collecting Plumeria trees.

  20. Any advice for new members?
    The best advice a box member gave me when I first started was that you don’t have to go fast, you just have to go.

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