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The Level Method Training System

What is a Level Method Gym?

The Level Method (LM) is the first and only fitness assessment program of it's kind! And we are the only Level Method gym in the area and one of ONLY SIX in the entire Houston area!


It is both an assessment system, and a ranking system that follows the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belt ranking system– starting at white, then advancing to yellow, orange, blue, purple, brown, and finally black. You'll be given a clear path of progression as your fitness improves. We leave NOTHING out and how far you progress is entirely up to YOU!


Combined with our quarterly PathFinder Goal Setting sessions (free for members), you'll be encouraged to shred FAT and build lean, toned muscle while developing the strength & mobility to do all the things in life that bring you joy.


The LM is a stamp of approval, a stamp of exceptional quality and a stamp of high standards. It's a point of pride for our members as they LEVEL UP. It's like earning a new Boy Scout badge!

The LM will keep you safe. It will keep you excited. It takes the confusion out of everything and it makes fitness fun.

And when fitness is fun, you get results faster because you WANT to do it!

I’ll be honest, some people are nervous about that… about seeing where they are… but it's vitally important to know where your fitness is and where it could be and we're here every step of the way to guide you. We WILL succeed where other programs have failed you. All you have to do is show up.


You're going to be proud of your accomplishments and you’ll be glad we took the time to do things right.

In our program, you’ll always know where you are, and what you need to work on, and you’ll have a very clear, visual path to follow. No other program provides this.

Without a system in place, you’re taking unnecessary chances and we WANT to keep you safe so you can enjoy your fitness outside of the gym. We want you to pursue your passions and not be held back by physical limitations.

So I want you to make the informed choice. Say yes, click this -->                      button so we can meet at the gym for about 20 minutes. We’ll answer your questions, and talk about your goals. There’s no pressure and no workout. We call this our No Sweat Intro.

If you’re a little more serious about your training and would like a coach to lead you through all the categories in a 1-on-1 setting, we'll be happy to schedule that through our Personal Training options.

The only way to know how far you’ve come is to know where you started. In 3 weeks you'll see improvements and in 3 months you won't even understand why you hadn't started sooner so go ahead and scroll down and take that first hard step of making a decision.

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