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1. How long have you been doing CrossFit and what was your athletic background before CF, if any?

It will be a year in July. I ran cross-country, track and field, and played basketball in high school.

2. Is CrossFit different from what you thought it was before you came in? How so?

Before I came in, I thought CrossFit was based on competitions and had a younger crowd.  It is competitive but in a friendly way and there are athletes of all ages.

3. How does CrossFit compare to any other training you’ve done?

As a runner, we didn’t do all the strength training that CrossFit offers.


4. Why did you start?

To help me on my weight loss journey and to build my strength to run obstacle courses better.


5. Why do you keep coming back?

I enjoy the competition and the friendships I’ve made over the past year that will last a lifetime.

6. What are your biggest accomplishment(s) or what are you most proud of?

  • Weight you’ve lost – 75 pounds (25 since starting CrossFit)

  • Pant size – 38 to 32

  • Lifting accomplishments – Favorite is my deadlift at 365 lbs

  • Improved my double unders

  • Improved my pull-ups

  • My times on obstacle courses have been better

  • Did my first rope climb in May at the Spartan Super in Austin

  • Overall, my upper body strength has gotten better


7. What is your favorite CrossFit movement?

Wall balls, burpees, thrusters, double unders and box jumps…any and all the cardio movements!

8. What is your favorite healthy meal?

Grilled chicken lettuce wraps

9. What do you enjoy doing away from the box or tell us something else about yourself?

I enjoy dancing, hanging out with my CrossFit besties, and running obstacle courses.

10. Any advice for new members?

Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

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