PathFinder Strategy Session

Have you hit a plateau? Do you want something new to work on like learning how to climb a rope or achieving your first pull-up.. or maybe you just want some extra accountability with your coach? 


We're really excited to offer this service because, combined with the Level Method of Athletic Progression, it will help you bridge the gap from where you are, to where you want to be!

​​How Do I Schedule?

  1.                           and choose a coach to lead your session. If you don't know our coaches, that's OK. Just pick any coach and we'll connect you with the one that can best help with your specific goal.

  2. Answer the short questionnaire so when you come in, we can dive right in! You cannot book an appointment without answering these questions because they will help us prepare for the session. Please answer honestly. All answers are completely confidential and will only be shared with the necessary coaching staff.

  3. The coach you choose will contact you to confirm your appointment time. You'll meet with your coach for about 45 minutes to define a goal and create a plan.

    We don't want you to "just"  have a place to work out with friends. We truly want to help you develop the strength and mobility to do all the things in life that bring you joy!

This is our mission!