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Spotlight Athlete - Erin, aka "The Unicorn"

If you've come into our shop, [yes, I call it a shop sometimes cause we constantly tear things down and rebuild them!] in the last few months you've likely met Erin and her gigantic smile.. the pictures do not do it justice! From time to time we have stand-outs in our midst. These are people that exemplify what CrossFit is all about and generally make the box a better place simply by being present. Erin has made huge strides in a very short time so I figured this was a great time to start a Success Stories page. This is our first of what I hope to be many, many more. Check out Erin's progress and her Q&A. Thanks Erin for being a part of the Alvin CrossFit family! Fergs~

Click HERE to read about Erin's journey thus far at Alvin CrossFit!

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