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1 Year CrossFit-aversary: Lesa

1 year CrossFit-aversary

How about another CrossFit-aversary! Up next is Lesa who hit her one year mark in January and has become a completely different woman since starting! She's hands down one of the funnest people you'll ever meet & brings her sit-com personality to life nearly every day at 4:30! No kidding. It's a show when she gets together with her #430crew.

Lesa is a teacher and also moonlights as a sign language interpreter. She's also a mom to an Alvin High School football player so she's got a lot on her plate but you can guarantee she's in the gym at least 4 times a week crushing big weight.

Everybody comes to CrossFit for different reasons & we all get different things from it. Lesa likes to hang out with her friends, crack jokes and move big weight. She's come a long way since she started & is hands down one of the strongest ladies in the gym, regularly making jaws drop! I'm always happy to see her walk through the doors cause she never comes in in a bad mood so thanks for being our athlete Lesa!

Keep it up. You're really starting to hit your stride lately... Good nutrition eh!

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