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1 Year CrossFit-aversary, Reina

We're happy to share another past-due CrossFit-aversary. Today we've got Reina on tap. Reina joined us in March of 2015 and is a happy fixture in the #430crew. I've always imagined Reina as one of those women that didn't expect to like lifting as much as she does but when she saddles up to the barbell, you know she means business! ... she's also one of the strongest women in the box! Reina has two great children that are regularly in tow when she comes in. They are two of the most well-behaved children and that speaks volumes for the type of mom she is. She's doing things right! We're lucky to have a lot of awesome friends in the gym and Reina is certainly one of them. Like a lot of folks, Reina doesn't like to run but it's something she's worked diligently at. When she first came in she could barely run 200 meters in a warm-up without stopping. When she could do that non-stop, she set her sites on a 400m run. Then an 800m run and now a mile. She'll get that one too. Make no mistake. Thanks for being our athlete Reina!

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