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Food That Isn't "Food".... say what?

When I look at old movies or commercials from the 70s or earlier, one thing always jumps out at me. Almost everyone was skinny. Not just the actors and actresses but the extras too. Think about those old black & white photos of your parents and grandparents. We've all seen one where grandpa was wearing a white undershirt, tucked into long pants, leaning against a car... and he was thin! And so was the family.

There are countless reasons as to why we've seen this shift in society but if you’re reading this, likely you’ve already tackled one of the biggest issues, which is to simply have an active lifestyle… and to be clear, an active lifestyle doesn’t have to mean going to CrossFit (or any gym) several hours a week but we can get into that later.

One of the biggest issues that sticks in my craw is all the fake, laboratory-concocted “food-like” products. How the FDA allows them to masquerade these products on the same isles where actual food is sold is a crime against sanity but suffice it to say, it’s a great idea to at least be aware these things are out there so you can avoid them, find a REAL FOOD alternative (this will require some preparation on your part) or at the VERY LEAST, consume these items in EXTREME moderation.

I’m no food saint. I have my vices but over the years, I’ve steadily cut food-like items out of my diet. This isn’t just about keeping the fat off. It’s about not putting preservatives and other substances in your body that have more long-term damaging affects than they have nutritional value. By now who hasn't seen a meme of a 1 year old hamburger & fries from a fast-food chain after it's been left out in the open? There's something seriously wrong with that. Remember, when in doubt, stay out of the isles in the grocery store & avoid fast-food chains at all peril. These two nutrition hacks alone will make a HUGE difference in how you feel, how you sleep and how much energy you have to do the things you enjoy doing. You don't have to run out of energy playing with the kids and grand kids!

Check out this list of a 19 common food-like items from Runner’s World you can start cutting out of your shopping list.

If you’re not exercising but you’d like to see how we can help, simply click HERE to schedule a FREE consultation cal with us. I'll be happy to answer your questions and help you get on the highway to health.

Yours in fitness, Coach Fergs~

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