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1 Year CrossFit-aversary, Hannah

How about another CrossFit-aversary to kick off your Monday. Up next is one of our most colorful members as you'll notice in her pics! Hannah hit her 1 year mark in August and hasn't slowed down since. She is married to another member, Andrew, who was bitten by the CrossFit bug less than a year after Hannah. They have two boys, Wyatt & Gus and moved to Alvin from Florida a few years back. This woman does more in a day than a lot of people do all week & she's a true Renaissance woman dabbling in many areas including but not limited to, roller derby, home-schooling, knitting, playing piano (and teaching it to her boys), & cooking... and she's an actual rocket scientist, having worked in the space industry for many years before becoming a full time mom & home-schooler! Hannah is one of those people that you couldn't upset if you tried but why would you!? She's always good for a joke and her sharp wit and back-and-forth with Andrew always cracks me up! Hannah LOVES to squat and deadlift and her continual PRs prove that out. She just got her 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. double under (two passes of a jump rope per jump) last week and will always work to get better. She's a great technical lifter and fits in well with the #430Crew of supremely strong women! We're looking forward to many more years Hannah!

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