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1 Year CrossFit-aversary: Araceli

1 year CrossFit-aversary

Good Morning everyone! Today we'd like to highlight another one of our great athletes in honor of them reaching another CrossFit-aversary. We'll be posting 1-2 new members each week until we're caught up with all our current athletes! Up on deck is Araceli. In January of this year she hit her 1 year CrossFit-aversary and there was no looking back. She is an almost daily fixture in the gym & has powered through many a Friday workout by herself when no one else showed. If you've ever done CrossFit, you know how big of a mental challenge that is. When I think of Araceli I think of meticulous form. I can't think of anyone off hand that pays more attention to body positioning than her. Araceli comes to us from San Antonio and works for The Lighthouse of Houston, a private, nonprofit education and service center dedicated to assisting blind and visually impaired people to live independently. CrossFitters do great things outside the gym too! She's not on FB but I'll be sure she gets some IG love!

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