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1 Year CrossFit-aversary, Kristy

Fire & Ice. Sugar & Spice or as her #430Crew tank top reads simply, "Sassy". Pick your euphemism and it'll prolly apply to this Cajun from the small town of Plaquemine, LA. Kristy hit her 1 year mark with us back in August 2016, coming to us with goals similar to most folks; lose a little weight & get in shape. Well, she's long since done that and & more! Kristy has also made some great friends along the way.

Kristy is married with two girls that she chases around most weekends at softball tournaments throughout the Houston area but when her Saturday's are free, she's in the gym putting in the work! She also enjoys running and having recently dropped a 10 point buck, has a renewed interest in hunting.

Kristy strikes me as the kind of woman that if you even hint that she can't do something, she's gonna look right through you and then set out to make you eat those words... although she's not particularly competitive, she certainly doesn't like to lose so be on your toes if you every find yourself playing the pizza box warm-up game with her!

We've really seen Kristy make some big strides in the last 6 months & she's visible proof of what you can accomplish if you just keep showing up & working hard... and maybe get mad at the barbell from time to time! Thanks for being one of our great members Kristy. We're looking forward to a lot more great workouts!

1 year CrossFit-aversary

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