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Holidays, Tough Love & the Bathroom Mirror

The holiday season is upon us but that doesn't mean you have to let all your hard work fall by the wayside! We all get busy around the holidays but the truly committed MAKE their health and fitness a priority, not a luxury. They don't look for an excuse to skip out because they realize that exercise is the BEST stress reliever (ok, except for maybe that other activity we all enjoy) during a hectic holiday rush. I encourage all of you to not use "time" as an excuse to not finish the last bit of training for the year. Sure, there are legitimate reasons to skip a few WODs but if you were honest with yourself, you'd be hard pressed to find enough reasons to skip a full month!

Understand the difference between a reason and an excuse. We workout for just under an hour. Can you not watch one less hour of TV? Can you not turn down one or two dinners out each week? Can you not find one hour, 2-3 times a week to do one of the best things to increase your quality of life? It only takes 2-3 workouts a week to maintain your fitness but sport conditioning is almost completely lost after a mere three weeks away and it seems like more than 10 consecutive days away from CrossFit might as well be a year!

Rosie the Riveter

You are a CrossFitter now and you have done things in the gym you never thought yourself capable of on that first day. That dogged determination has made you better, not just in the gym but in life as well. People have noticed. People have told you! Will you return to that excuse-laden life and use a new year's resolution to get in shape as your excuse for slacking? Do you really want to start all over on January 1st? Remember how hard CrossFit was when you first started? Remember how sore you were? Remember those first few weeks when you got out of bed each morning wondering why you're doing this... while you walked on egg shells to the bathroom in an unsuccessful attempt to mitigate any movement that would further agitate those muscles you didn't know you had?... and then you stepped out of the shower and in front of the one thing that will never lie to you.. the mirror.

Whether you were disgusted by what you had let yourself become or you were encouraged by the changes you earned, the mirror didn't lie to you... and neither will I. Do you really want to start all over? Do you really want to dig those fat clothes out of the back of the closet? What will your mirror say to you between now and the new year? Be courageous. Be relentless. Be tenacious.

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