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1 Year CrossFit-aversary, Doralou

Meet Doralou Brown... oh wait... she just got married a couple weeks ago so now we know her as Doralou Draper! She also happens to be on our Facebook profile pic and the in the top pic of our website.

Doralou is another one of the #430Crew ladies and a regular fixture in the gym. Were it not for life's duties, I guarantee ya she'd be in the gym everyday! Doralou is pretty good at everything, and continues to improve. She's one of the more well-conditioned athletes in the gym but carries with her ZERO ego. She's so friendly and quick to offer advice or encouragement and she often hangs out after her training session with her #430Crew friends just to catch up on life's events... oh, and she bakes cakes! Seems a bit counter-intuitive for a CrossFitter but she likes making them more than eating them! If you'd like to see some of her great work, click HERE to check out her Facebook page! Thanks for being our member Doralou. Let's smash some new goals for 2017!!

In one year, this could be YOU! Like the quote on our home page says, "Action is the foundational key to success." There is no better time than NOW to get your fitness in order and we would love to help you. Click HERE to schedule your FREE, no sweat intro phone consultation to see how we can help you lose weight, feel great and just be a better, more fit version of yourself!

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