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New Years Resolution Help... just in time!

2017 isn't waiting on ANYONE... and those New Year's Resolutions you set for yourself aren't going to accomplish themselves. Do you find yourself setting the SAME goals to lose weight & get in shape every year, only to lose interest or more than likely, motivation after 2-3 weeks? Well don't fret. You're not alone! Studies have shown that the vast majority of people abandon their New Year's Resolutions before February however, those same studies have proven that if you follow the points below, you almost can't fail and the good news is that Alvin CrossFit is here to help!

  • Plan the work & work the plan. If you have a plan, you'll know what you need to do every day. Think of it like a recipe. If you want to learn to cook something new, you need to follow a recipe! Sure, you may get lucky if you wing it but if you want to guarantee that the recipe comes out right, you need to follow what's proven to work!

  • Track your progress. Now that you have a plan to follow, record things like how many times each week you spend in the gym or how many minutes you spend in the gym. Record the amount of water you drink or the amount of non-water liquids you consume. It may surprise you. Keep track of the food you eat AND how you feel during the day, especially during and after workouts! The free My Fitness Pal app (Android and iOS) is a powerful tool for keeping track of your food. You can scan bar codes and upload custom recipes. It's one of our primary tools for nutrition tracking!

  • Become accountable to someone. This can be anyone.. or even your entire group of Facebook friends! A public declaration will hold you accountable AND I promise you, those closest to you will encourage you. After all, they want you to succeed!

  • Get a workout buddy to join you. The best person to be accountable to is someone you regularly meet for workouts or meal prep/ meal sharing. When you and your buddy make a commitment to each other, the desire to not let each other down by not showing up is immeasurable. No one wants to be the undependable friend!

  • Sign up for an event. The mere act of signing up anchors the commitment in your mind and internally motivates you to actively work towards that goal. You also now have a financial investment in your success and who wants to throw away money! This has even more of an impact if you sign up with friends, family members or co-workers. The shared experience and training successes along the way will encourage the entire group! Do you want to run a 5k by Spring time? Great.. pick a race, grab some friends and sign up together!

How Can We Help?

Alvin CrossFit has been helping Alvin and the surrounding communities since 2012 with their exercise goals and in 2016 we teamed up with Registered Dietician (RD) Nicole Aucoin of Healthy Steps Nutrition to bring you a complete Nutrition Coaching Program to round out your training. These are programs we offer to anyone, not just our gym members cause after all, good nutrition isn't just for athletes. It's for everyone!

... but occasionally we like to do something special and to kick off 2017 and help you get back on track, stay on track and conquer the confusion around nutrition once and for all, we proudly bring you the:

Battle of the Boxes 28 Day Nutrition Challenge!

Our last in-house 28 Day Challenge saw the top three finishers lose a combined:

  • 21 total pounds!

  • 21-1/2 inches

  • 9.6% body fat reduction... all in JUST 28 days by following the points for success above!

We want to invite you (yes, even if you aren't one of our awesome members) to join us, as well as thousands of other CrossFitters all over the world as we work together. Our programs are unique in that there are NO shakes OR pills to take. There's no gimmicks and we aren't going to starve you into success! We are going to show you how to eat REAL FOOD that tastes great and fuels your body to achieve your goals. This is as real as it gets! Just check out the event poster on this blog for all the details!

I'm ready for change. How do I Join Y'all? Here's your options:

  1. Non-members of our gym, reserve your spot RIGHT NOW by clicking HERE!

  2. If you're with an HR department, please feel free to download our EVENT FLYER or our full color EVENT POSTER to distribute within your departments or call us at 281.940.9859 to schedule everything to be done at your facility!

  3. Alvin CrossFit gym members may sign up in the gym or by contacting Coach Jordan or Coach Fergs.

We look forward to your success!

Coach Fergs~

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