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January 2017 CrossFit-aversaries!!

Well here we are kicking off another year and we've got some great members who've hit some significant milestones! Once upon a time, all these ladies decided to make January the start of something different.... and different they found! (left to right) Angela, Araceli and Lesa all just cruised into their 2nd year at Alvin CrossFit and show no signs of slowing down! They just.... keep.... going...! Climbing her way onto the scene and making HUGE improvements in her first year we have Johanna. I think in another year Johanna might catch the other ladies in total workouts performed cause she regularly hits up two workouts a day. These ladies are machines.

Did you start an "exercise routine" last January? How long did you stick with it? Have you already abandoned your 2017 fitness goals? These ladies found something in CrossFit that kept them coming back over and over again... they found something they have fun doing!

I'm so proud of all these ladies. Consistency begets success and these ladies walk through the door almost every day, ready to tackle whatever is in front of them.

Where will you be 1 year from TODAY? Are you ready to lose weight or get in shape for good? Schedule your FREE phone consultation by clicking HERE and tell us your story!

1 year CrossFit-aversary

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