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February Nutrition Tip- Week 3, Post-workout Recovery

Metabolic Window... ever heard of it? Simply speaking, it's the period after exercise during which nutrition can transition the body from a catabolic state (tearing down muscles) to an anabolic state (repairing muscle, aka GAINZ!!).

You have a 30 minute window (give or take depending on the individual) after your workout for optimal nutrient absorption and recovery. This is why you see so many athletes shaking a bottle and downing something right after a workout. Ideally 20-25g of whey protein with a carbohydrate such coconut water or almond milk is best but most proteins these days mix great with water so that's an easy way to really crunch calories if that's your goal.

We encourage our athletes to bring their protein to the gym because it's real easy for that window to slam shut before we even get home! Thirty minutes goes by quickly when you hang out after a workout and chat with your friends. Add to that the drive home, the barking dog and the hungry kids and the next thing you know, an hour and a half has passed. Don't let your recovery suffer! Plan ahead and stay strong!

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