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CrossFit Open 17.1- Performance Results

Good Friday morning to ya athletes! It's another gorgeous day. What a great "Winter" we've had! I've ranked the scores for PERFORMANCES ONLY for 17.1 and wanted to share that with y'all. Actual 17.1 Team Standings will be released ASAP and the winners of the FREE Silver Package Car Wash from Coastal Detailing will be announced! So, without further adieu:

There was a total of 225 reps available if you could finish in the 20m time cap.

Rx Men 1. John Burnett (216 Reps) 2. Jordan Bagwell (215 Reps) 3. James Bowman (201 Reps)

Rx Women 1. Erin Mullins (205 Reps) 2. Kimberly Hawkins (185 Reps) 3. Doralou Draper (171 Reps)

Scaled Men (All Completed the WOD!) 1. Moe Villanueva (17:01) 2nd attempt 2. Tyler Hare (17:23) 3. Ruben Lopez (19:24)

Scaled Women (All Completed the WOD!) 1. Johanna McWilliams (18:53) 2. Lorilyn Wynn (19:29) 3. Gina Crawford (19:52)

Team Captains, you may use these results for your Team Tracking Sheets.

GREAT JOB everyone! 17.2 is going to be tough. Remember one of the reasons we do the Open is to challenge ourselves to do things we've never done before. Sure the weights can be heavy, but if you can lift them, show safe proficiency (form) and crank out a few reps at a time, you should definitely attempt something outside of your comfort zone. You have the whole gym supporting you so lets all embrace the suck while we unite for a common goal... to give the absolute best we have to offer our team!

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