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Good Nutrition When You're Eating Out. March- Week 2

Most restaurant foods are packed with way too much sodium and added fats. Not to mention the oversized portions. Eating out can be nutritional and still be enjoyable! If you're like me, I order things in restaurants that I wouldn't (or can't) make for myself. Trying new things is part of the fun of eating out and when you expand your options beyond the types of things you normally get, you open up a whole new world of great food.. and yes, it tastes great!

PRO TIP: Order a side of vegetables, ask to substitute a side of fries for a salad with a vinaigrette dressing, order grilled or sauteed veggies instead of fried and don’t be afraid to ask questions to meet your nutrient needs!

PRO TIP #2: Ask your server for a To Go box and put 1/2 of your meal in there. Viola! You have lunch the next day!

PRO TIP #3: If you're in the Alvin area, go to Gordon Street Tavern and order one of the many healthy, Alvin CrossFit-approved items. SOOO GOOOD!

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