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CrossFit Open 17.2- Performance Results

Another week down and y'all are starting to see the kind of intensity the Open brings! We're seeing people challenge themselves to do things they haven't done before.. and in some cases, even tried! We're all stronger than we give ourselves credit for. I personally challenged several of you to attempt more than you would try on your own and in each case y'all rose to the occasion, making me proud and surprising yourselves in the process. I hope these small wins encourage you to keep trying harder! There's no shame in failing. We learn from our failures. There's only shame in never giving yourself the opportunity to fail! Progression is the path to mastery!

For 17.2 we saw muscle ups introduced and it was the earliest they've ever appeared in the Open. We normally don't see them till week 4 or 5. What will Castro have in store for us this week.... more dumbells (DB Fran with chest-to-bar pull ups maybe!?), some DUs, rowing, wall balls... are we ever gonna SNATCH!!!?? These are all common staples and we haven't seen any of them yet, so be prepared!!

Here's the PERFORMANCE STANDINGS for 17.2:

Rx Men

1. Coach Jordan, completed 8 MUs for a score of 86! He got 13 MUs on a Monday redo but will log his Saturday score to get the Saturday 2 pt bonus!

2. John Burnett, getting his first MU in a WOD with a score of 79 and a video to prove it! Will he trade spots again with Coach Jordan during 17.3??

3. Coach Fergs, slides onto the podium for the first time with a tie breaker time of 5:36 to complete the 2nd round of DB Cleans. 78 total reps (+1 MU with a green band).

Rx Women

1. Erin "The Unicorn" Mullins takes her 2nd #1 spot atop the podium with 78 reps (+1 MU with a green band) and a tiebreaker time of 6:08 to complete the 2nd round of DB Cleans.

2. Doralou Draper improved her 3rd place from 17.1 to move up to 2nd for 17.2 with a total of 78 reps (and a few banded MU attempts!) and a tiebreaker time of 9:26.

3. Kim Hawkins breaks onto the podium for the first time this year with a re-do on Monday.. great job KIM!

Scaled Men

1. Coach Steve put up another solid performance after finishing 17.1, but not quite quick enough to beat the other guys. This week was different as Steve clocked in with 141 reps!

2. Ruben Lopez improves his 3rd place finish from 17.1 by showcasing some un-assisted pull-ups. Ruben clocked in with an impressive 137 total reps!

3. Moe Villanueva stays on the podium again this week with a score of 124 reps. I think Moe is about to go off on Ruben in this next round!

Scaled Women

1. Maggie Adams completed 97 big reps with NO BANDS to crack the leaderboard for the first time!

2. Angela Bowman ripped off 90 reps and didn't use any bands either! This was one of those personal challenges I made. Angela was about to use a band but look how great she did without it! 12 unassisted pull-ups!

3. Araceli Cerda rounds out the podium with 146 reps using a purple band, the smallest band of any other competitor. Araceli attempted non-banded pull-ups before she used the band so great job giving yourself that chance.!

17.3 will be announced Thursday evening around 7PM.... I'm READY!!

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