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Team Standings After 17.2

Team Standings after 17.2 are official!

The Walking Deadlifts

1st place (27 pts)- The Walking Deadlifts for their 2nd consecutive win!!! This crew also crushed the social media postings with 67 and earned the 5 pt bonus! We didn't have a weekly sponsor this week so Alvin CrossFit will play host by offering the winners a 5 punch Bro Scoop Card (including up to 2 samples of PostWOD Recovery!). Hannah & Andrew, I'll have a non-dairy option for y'all! 2nd (23 pts)- Flex Appeal 3rd (21 pts)- Relentless Pursuit 4th (20 pts)- Buck Furpees 5th (18 pts)- Quad Squad 6th (10 pts)- WODStars

Overall standings through 17.2 are:

1st (49 pts) The Walking Deadlifts

2nd (44 pts) Flex Appeal

3rd (40 pts) Relentless Pursuit

4th (39 pts) Buck Furpees

5th (38 pts) Quad Squad

6th (24 pts) WODStars

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