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Balanced Meals for Kids- March Nutrition Tip Week 3

Kids NEED quality food to help their bodies AND their brains develop properly not to mention, the eating habits they form as kids follow them throughout life so it's crucial that as parents, we teach them how to eat so they don't fight the battle of the bulge the rest of their life!

Most of the quick & convenient foods items for kids are loaded with bad carbohydrates (not all carbs are bad!) and sugar. Dollars to Diabetes if it comes in a box with bright colors, it's loaded with empty nutrition that doesn't properly fuel a growing child! We want to include low sugar snacks, high fiber carbohydrates, lean meats, one vegetable and healthy fats. Stick with water as their beverage.


Try a breakfast sandwich with eggs and ham on an Arnold’s Sandwich Thins! It's a 100% whole wheat bread and it's only 100 calories!


Keep plenty of grab and go snacks on hand like baby carrots, fruits & mixed nuts... and put the sodas and fruit juices on the top shelf in the back of the fridge so YOU can control how much they get!

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