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CrossFit Open 17.3- Performance & Team Results

Week 3 is in the books and we saw the introduction of one of the complex Olympic lifts (the Snatch) come into play. There were some great performances and LOTS of folks snatching more weight than they've ever done before! I get so excited when I see someone approach a lift with doubt on their face, only to surprise themselves by what they were able to accomplish. This is one of the major benefits of the Open.. the realization that you CAN do more weight or more reps than you thought you could. By now you should be gaining a new found confidence in your abilities and I'm anxious for the carryover into our daily WODs!

So, without further adieu, here are the performance results and team standings after 17.3:

Rx Men

1. James Bowman, with a bum shoulder no less, managed 56 reps by completing 6 (squat) snatches in the 2nd round at 135 lbs! I was right next to James on this WOD and watched him walk away from me out of the corner of my eye. He had some GO that I could not keep up with so great job snagging the 1st place spot for the first time in the Open James!

2. Coach Lou narrowly missed first place with a huge score of 55 reps, 1 less than James. Had these guys been in the same heat, it would have been a very interesting battle. Who woulda come out on top?

3. Coach Jordan slides into another podium finish with 45 reps. I know Jordan was disappointed by his final score but this is nothing to be ashamed of considering this years Open is his first ever. He's been consistently crushing these WODs and I don't think he's been off the podium yet. Great job coach!

Rx Women

1. Erin "The Unicorn" Mullins dominates the ladies Rx class and takes her 3rd #1 spot atop the podium with 47 reps, cranking out 5 Snatches at 95 lbs in the 2nd round.

2. Maggie Adams comes out of pretty much nowhere to crack the podium for the first time in this years Open and pulls 25 reps to take 2nd. I judged Maggie on this and I was impressed by how quickly she worked through those C2B pull-ups in the first round. I kept waiting for her to fatigue but it didn't happen! ... And oh by the way, I can now share with y'all that Maggie is a few weeks pregnant and as many of you ladies know, you don't always feel great during this time so I'm super proud of this Alabama girl for not making excuses and putting in some SOLID work. Congratulations to her and Bradley on their little sprout!

3. Rounding out the podium is #430Crew and Quad Squad member Doralou Draper! Doralou took this WOD head on by staying in the Rx class instead of crushing the field in the Scaled division even though she had NEVER done an un-assisted C2B pull-up. In the 8 min time cap she managed 1 mighty rep and walked away proud of that rep cause she earned every inch of that pull! This is what "checking your ego at the door" looks like. She didn't pout about her performance or talk herself down for only doing 1 rep but instead, had a huge smile on her face for accomplishing something new... and she didn't stop after 1 rep. She spent the rest of the time cap making attempt after attempt to try and eek out another rep. Big ups young lady... big ups!

Scaled Men

1. On a redo, Moe Villanueva came in on a mission and cranked out 141 reps (vs 95 on his first attempt) to take another top spot! This is common in the Open when people redo a WOD. When you know what to expect and have a plan, you can quickly improve!

2. Coach Steve put up another solid performance with 117 reps to ninja into 2nd place WHILE ON VACATION! When you don't look for excuses, you don't find them!

3. Tyler Hare stays on the leaderboard once again this week with a very solid 104 reps by busting out 8 snatches at 95 lbs in the 3rd round. He missed completing that round and earning another 4 minutes by only 4 reps. I have every confidence that Tyler could get those reps if he did it again!

Scaled Women

1. What do we have here... another #430Crew and Quad Squad member taking a podium spot... sure 'nuff. After an absence from the podium on 17.2, Johanna McWilliams goes total BEAST MODE on 17.3 by walloping a staggering 154 reps (the most in the comp) to earn Top Gun in the ladies scaled division. Johanna is quickly becoming one of the stronger women in the gym by consistently showing up and putting in WERK!

2. Kim Hawkins remains on the leaderboard this week with another solid performance by blowing up 139 reps at 5 AM no less. Is it coincidence that she's a former #430Crew member? Stupid job getting in the way of training but THIS is what commitment looks like. Most people would just quit coming if their new job forced them off their regular routine but not Kim Kong! Kim is a long time member and I LOVE having her as one of our athletes. She's always in a good mood and you can see the shift in focus when that clock hits 3, 2, 1... GO!

3. Say it ain't so.. ANOTHER #430Crew and Quad Squad member breaks into the leaderboard for the first time this year. Congratulations Reina Alfaro! I'm so proud of what Reina has done since she started. She's a mother of two VERY well-behaved youngins and they are always in tow when she comes to the gym. No excuses. Reina busted out 129 monster reps to capture 3rd and put up a great performance. She... just... kept.... going! Truly, the ladies that train together, gain together!

Weekly Team Standings after 17.3

1st place (26 pts)- Flex Appeal knocks The Walking Deadlifts out of the top spot with a HUGE team effort on the social media postings with 283 to earn the 5 pt bonus! We didn't have a weekly sponsor this week so Alvin CrossFit will once again offer the winners a 5 punch Bro Scoop Card (including up to 2 samples of PostWOD Recovery!).

2nd (22 pts)- The Walking Deadlifts. This crew continues to show up en masse on Saturday to stay in the overall hunt!

T-3rd (17 pts)- We had a 3-way tie between Buck Furpees, Relentless Pursuit & Quad Squad 6th (10 pts)- WODStars

Overall standings after 17.3

1st (71 pts) The Walking Deadlifts

2nd (70 pts) Flex Appeal

3rd (57pts) Relentless Pursuit

T-4th (55pts) Buck Furpees & Quad Squad

6th (34 pts) WODStars

Weekly Performance Only standings Combined (just for bragging rights)

1st - (4 pts each) Quad Squad (2 Rx and 2 Scaled top 3 finishes)

T-2nd - (2 pts each) Buck Furpees (2 scaled top 3), Flex Appeal (2 Rx top 3) & WODStars (2 scaled top 3)

T-5th - (1 pt each) Relentless Pursuit (1 Rx) and The Walking Deadlifts (1 Rx)

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