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CrossFit Open 17.4- Performance & Team Results

Week 4 is done and we saw the introduction of a high volume chipper (4 or more exercises whereas all the reps of one movement must be completed before moving to the next movement). We also saw what is, for our gym, a heavy DL @ 225 for the men and 155 for the women. There were some great performances again with several new people deciding to take a stab at Rx so congrats Tim, Christi, Pat (Rx Masters), Lesa, Vicky, Hannah, Alyssa and Cristy!... sorry if I overlooked anyone.

Here are the performance results and team standings after 17.4:

Rx Men

1. John Burnett, pulls 173 reps to once again top the podium!

2. Will Smith cracks the leaderboard for the first time this Open with 165 reps. This WOD was made for Will and if he didn't have a new baby to take care of, his training would have been at a higher level. Family first!

3. Vic Valdez rounds out the top 3 notching 149 reps while pulling soon-to-be daddy duties (#2) as well. What a shake up in the Rx division this week!

Rx Women

1. Erin "The Unicorn" Mullins once again tops the leaderboard this week with 167 reps. Will anyone be able to knock her off?

2. Christi Jenson roars onto the podium this week with a valiant run at Erin by posting a very solid 155 reps! Christi has had an up and down couple of years with two knee injuries and two knee surgeries that caused her to miss the Open since she started with us but each year she has trained herself back into condition and I'm proud to see her EARN a 2nd place finish!

3. Pat Nolan, the Energizer Bunny made it to regionals two years ago as a Masters athlete and having just had foot surgery to fix a long-standing problem, puts up a stellar performance in the Masters Rx division busting out 150 smooth reps on her way to a top 3 finish! Way to go Pat!

Out of 6 possible spots, Relentless Pursuit took three of them with Will, Christi and Pat's great performances!

Scaled Men

1. Austin Jordan, the youngest member of our little gym at 17 years young pops onto the leaderboard with a great performance by posting a massive 220 reps to complete the first round! Austin is going to continue to be a great CrossFitter as he gets older and packs on some more muscle. Austin did 17.1 as Rx but has opted for the Scaled division since then because even though he could do some of the WODs Rx, he a smart enough athlete to know when to push and not to push. Austin already has some of the cleanest lifting technique in the gym, a testament to the lifting coaches at Alvin High School!

T-2. Tyler & Moe battled it out once again by matching each other at 205 reps. I'm sure this result is a bit like kissing your cousin! Regardless, they're both on the same team and both put up huge efforts. I wonder who would win if they went head to head!

Scaled Women

1. Johanna McWilliams goes OFF once again posting a huge 230 reps (the most in the comp AGAIN) and is the only athlete this year to get any reps in the 2nd round! She's got a great support group with her #430Crew ladies and they all have done extremely well over the entire comp. Johanna continues to show up and quietly put in big work and I expect a massive jump in her abilities by this time next year! She's only been with us for a little over a year and look how far shes come!

2. Angela Bowmans busts onto the podium for the first time this Open with 188 big reps! Angela came to us AFTER watching her hubby James join the gym and begin to make solid improvements. She's a mother of 3 and shows up consistently 3x per week to get her training in. She competes with Erin for biggest smile in the gym and is always in a good mood so I'm super stoked to see Angela earn her way onto the leaderboard!

3. Reina Alfaro puts up another great performance of 182 reps to lock up 3rd position for the 2nd week in a row. Reina is another #430Crew and Quad Squad member and when it comes to the lifts, that's her gift! Reina is a big part of what makes coaching the first class of the afternoon so much fun and I'm pleased as punch about what she's done in the Open this year!

Weekly Team Standings after 17.4

1st place (26 pts)- Flex Appeal stays atop the leaderboard this week with another HUGE team effort on the social media postings with 391, up from 283 last week to earn the 5 pt bonus! We didn't have a weekly sponsor this week so Alvin CrossFit will once again offer the winners a 5 punch Bro Scoop Card (including up to 2 samples of PostWOD Recovery!).

2nd (20 pts)- Relentless Pursuit had some great performances and with several podium finishes, easily captures 2nd place.

3rd (19 pts)- The Walking Deadlifts continue to show up in big numbers on Saturday and had more Rx athletes this week than any other team!

Overall standings after 17.4

1st (96 pts) Flex Appeal

2nd (90 pts) The Walking Deadlifts

3rd (77 pts) Relentless Pursuit

4th (72 pts) Buck Furpees

5th (71 pts) Quad Squad

6th (44 pts) WODStars

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