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2017 CrossFit Open Final Results!

The weights are put away & the scores are in. Yes, the 2017 CrossFit Open is over. I'm so proud of everyone that signed up, especially the people that started with us this year! It's a huge feather in your cap to attempt these workouts as a rookie. Y'all all did great and I know you learned a LOT about yourselves. If you've been around a while, you've probably heard me say, "Tell your body to move and it'll move!". I know a lot of you found this out when these five WODs got tough! Most of us are far more capable than we give ourselves credit for. I hope you can all take away encouragement from what you were able to accomplish.

So.. here's the final team and individual scores for The Open and 17.5:

Rx Men

1. Lou DeLaCruz with a time of 19:08, the only male Rx athlete to break 20m! This WOD was custom made for Lou and he didn't disappoint. Lou has been putting in extra work in the gym and has been hanging around the leaderboard the entire Open and came through big time for the final performance. Congrats Coach!

2. Austin Jordan steps up to Rx this week and blasts a 21:59. Austin is only 17 and a jr. in high school. Who else thinks this kid could be a phenomenal CF athlete!? I love having Austin around cause you know you're always getting the best he's got. Oh to be 17 again!!

3. My team captain and once again new baby daddy Vic Valdez sews up the final podium spot with a time of 22:08, missing that #2 spot by a mere 10 seconds! It would have been great to see Austin and Vic in the same heat on this one!

Rx Ladies

1. The Unicorn Erin Mullins is in danger of losing unicorn status.. cause I thought unicorns were rarely spotted and believed to be a myth but Erin has been showing up every week and putting in rock solid performances, like this week with her time of 18:57, the only Rx lady to break 20m. No one was able to knock her off the #1 spot for the 5 weeks but I know there are some ladies that have drawn a target on her back... but I have a feeling Erin will only work harder to stay #1!

2. Speaking of ladies that are working harder every day to catch Erin, Doralou Draper locks in another 2nd place finish with a great time of 21:28. I judged Doralou myself and I was very impressed with how very FEW times she stopped moving. One of the things several of the ladies have figured out is that if they move at a pace that limits their breaks or cuts them out completely, they earn a really good time! Sometimes a good WOD isn't about how fast you go, but how few breaks you take!

3. The original DU queen, Kim Hawkins cranks out another top 3 with a time of 24:21. I'd like to see Kim and Erin go head to head in a 1 minute DU test! Let's make it happen!

How hard was this WOD for the ladies at Rx standards? The three ladies above were the only three that even attempted it! DUs are hard and the weight will gas you but these ladies continually lead the way and inspire everyone around them!

Scaled Men

1. In another very close race for 1st, Moe Villanueva pulls out another victory by a mere 21 seconds with a blazing time of 9:56! If you're friends with Moe on BookFace, you know how much work this guy puts in outside of the gym.. and it's paying off. If you want to be better than the average CrossFitter, you have to do more than the average CrossFitter. I have a feeling with some focused (uh-hem!) work, Moe could be placing in the Rx division next year!

2. Teammate to Moe is Tyler Hare and these two guys were like Roe vs Boz every week. Moe usually came out on top but Tyler was making him work hard for it. Tyler has only been back in CrossFit for a very short time and is quickly getting his legs under him, posting a very fast time of 10:17. I expect big things outta Tyler in the coming year as well!

3. Fireman/ Paramedic Ruben "Rooster" Lopez came into the gym not long ago with very specific goals and this guy is a quick study. If he didn't have to work so much, I guarantee you he'd be knockin on the door of all us Rx guys.

Scaled Ladies

1. Proof again that keeping moving pays off, Johanna McWilliams notches another #1 spot with a scorching time of 9:26. Seriously, how do you do 90 thrusters that fast!

2. Alex Ramirez puts down the hammer for a very solid 10:45. Alex has lots of energy. Alex moves fast. Alex works VERY hard in the gym. Alex shows up almost daily. Pro tip: Be more like Alex, win more like Alex!

3. Pat Nolan shows up once again to prove that age is no barrier to success. Truly, Pat seems to have halted the hands of time with her rigorous workout schedule. Yet another CrossFitter that puts in work outside of the daily WODs, and it shows!

17.5 Team Standings

1st - Flex Appeal (28 pts). Flex Appeal also wins the Spirit of the Games 5 pt bonus with 346 posts.

2nd - Relentless Pursuit (19 pts).

3rd - Buck Furpees (18 pts).

4th - Quad Squad (13 pts)

5th - WODStars (11 pts)

Final Team Standings

1st - Flex Appeal (124 pts)

2nd - The Walking Deadlifts (102 pts)

3rd - Relentless Pursuit (97 pts)

4th - Buck Furpees (90 pts)

5th - Quad Squad (84 pts)

6th - WODStars (53 pts)

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