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Meet the 3-COMPARTMENT CONTAINER! April Nutrition Tip- Week 2

Maybe you've noticed a theme to this month. It's all about making your food prep life easier and more portable cause after all, what good does it do to make all these great meals and then leave them at home?

Taking your lunch to work is one of THE most impactful changes you can make to your routine. Why you ask? Unless you're eating a salad everywhere you eat out, chances are even that "healthy" looking menu item is prepared in a manner that makes it less healthy than it should be. Did you know it's VERY common for restaurants to saute vegetables in butter instead of a healthy oil like coconut or extra virgin olive oil? There's a reason those veggies taste so great!

We also tend to quickly brush off the notion of how much it costs to eat out compared to bringing your own meal but lets do some quick math shall we? Let's say you eat out 3 times during the work week. Even a fast food meal these days can easily run upwards to $7 but let's assume your a bit more social and go out with your girlfriends or work buddies for lunch and let's assume you're not in college so you'll go to a place where food is served on plates instead of plastic trays. Add a tip and a drink and you're meal is easily $12. How much is your home made meal... under $3 typically. $9 cheaper times 3 meals a week equals $27 times 52 weeks a year is a whopping $1,404 a year ($117 per month)! Tell me again how you can't afford CrossFit? It's all about priorities. What you make important, becomes important.. but that's for another blog! Until then....

Meet the 3 compartment container!

These awesome containers help you to portion your food. The largest compartment should be your non-starchy veggies. Your protein and starch should be in the other two smaller compartments.

These are great tools to use to help you get your lunches set up for the week! You can find these on Amazon for about $13 for a set of 7 delivered. We stock this great product at an UNBEATABLE price of $10.99 and you don't have to pay shipping! Just ask one of our coaches.

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