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How Much are you Eating? May Nutrition Tips- Week 1

Everything is bigger in Texas. We've heard it all our lives and when it comes to eating out, the old adage certainly holds true. Restaurants commonly give us twice the amount of food that we should be consuming in one sitting. The best solution in this scenario is to tell your waiter to simply bag up 1/2 your meal before it even comes to your table. Chances are, you won't dig into the bag to keep eating... but if it's on your plate, staring you in the face, even the best-intentioned folks can keep picking. Next thing you know you're saying to yourself, "There's not enough to take home." so you end up finishing your plate (and regretting it immediately) or you just tap out and tell the waiter to throw it away, only to wish you had halved it in the first place. But what about when you're making your own meals? Well, here's a handy little guide we call "The Plate & Palm Method" to help you visualize how much you should typically eat!

  • Protein: about the size of the palm of your hand (and the thickness too)

  • Starch: ½ - 1 fist (1/2-1 cup)

  • Veggies: about the size of two fists! Load up on the veggies!

  • Your thumb determines your fat portions.


When you make your lunches, use the 3-compartment containers we talked about in last month's blog post and smaller plates to help you stay on track! We've got plenty of the 3-compartment containers in stock and at a better price than you'll find on Amazon! (only $10.99 for a set of 7; enough for the whole week!)

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