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Start the Week off Right!

Yep its Monday again. Most people hate Monday's, but why? Mondays are a chance for you to get your week started off on the right foot. Not just from a workout standpoint but from a work standpoint as well. Your attitude Monday will set the tone for what the rest of your week is going to be like.

Instead of waking up on Monday and being like "Oh Rats the weekend is done, it's Monday and I have to suffer through another 5 days a work before I'm off, be like "OK Monday here you are. Lets get up and crush this day. I'm going to go into work with a smile on my face and say HI to everyone I see. Then after work I'm going to hit the gym and crush my workout and kick in the butt anything that is thrown my way." It's very easy to lament the work week ahead but being a responsible adult is part of the gig however, how you respond to that inevitability is completely on you!

Here's your challenge as you read this. SMILE! When you smile, you can't be mad. Smiling, even a forced one, has the miraculous ability to change your mood. Seriously, put a big grin on your mug right now and try to be mad!

Try this approach one Monday (like today) and see what it does for the rest of your week. Just remember there are 7 days in a week and they are all the same. They are all 24 hours long and its up to you how each one feels.

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