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Memorial Weekend Schedule- Murph Cometh!

Memorial Weekend is upon us and for the vast majority of the 14,000+ CrossFit boxes around the world, that means Hero WOD Murph is on tap. Murph was one of the first Hero WODs ever created.. and it's one of the most grueling. Then again, what would you expect for a WOD honoring a fallen Navy Seal who willingly gave his life just for the unknown chance that his actions would result in any form of help.

What did Murph do? If you're familiar with the movie Lone Survivor, you're probably more familiar with the Mark Whalberg character who portrayed Marcus Lattrell, the only surviving member from the mission. Murph was played by Taylor Kitch (Friday Night Lights) and when their team was vastly outnumbered and surrounded with no hope for escape, Lt. Michael Murphy abandoned his cover and exposed himself to enemy fire to get a clear radio signal to call in an early extraction. Murph was able to make the call. And it cost him his life.

We'll once again honor this hero on Saturday, May 27th at 0900 and we'll have a Murph make-up on Monday at 0900 should you be unable to attend on Saturday. Our Memorial Weekend schedule is below.

Friday, May 26th: No 6:30 class. All other classes run as normal

Saturday, May 27th: Murph @ 0900. You may do this solo but if you have been doing CF for less than 6 months, we highly suggest you find a partner to split the work in half. It's a tremendous amount of volume and a "fast" time is under 45 minutes. Most people take about an hour to complete.

Sunday, May 28th: Recover. Get some Driven Nutrition Amino, grass-fed whey (fast-absorbing protein) and/ or their Casein Protein (slow-release protein) to help you recover from Murph!

Monday, May 29th (Memorial Day):

0500- Let Coach Steve know if you want to come in!

0900 make-up Murph or alternative WOD. This will be the only other WOD time for the day. If you don't want to WOD on Monday, please feel free to come in and cheer on your fellow athletes or do some stretching and mobility on the side... or just hang out! Enjoy this day with friends, family and fellow box members as we reflect on the sacrifice made by 10s of thousands of our fallen countrymen.

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