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Bring a Colorful, Healthy Dessert

Continuing our theme this month of How to Eat Healthy at Summer BBQs, let's talk about desserts (please don't kill the messenger!!)

Cookies, pies, cakes and other unclassified sweets are in no shortage at Texas BBQs. "Save room for dessert" can take on a whole new meaning and I've been guilty myself of poking around the dessert table before AND after the grill has been lit and cooled.

To help avoid the temptation, bring a bright and colorful fruit salad and eat a small bowl before you dive into the banana pudding! It'll help you not to eat too much! Try staying away from the ice cream, by having some Greek Yogurt. Greek Yogurt is generally more healthy than even traditional yogurt and is higher in protein content. It's just as good too!

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