The NEXT Big Thing at Alvin CrossFit...

I've been anxiously waiting to let everyone know about this since good ol Harvey stole my thunder last week so I decided to wait till this week... THIS Friday, September 8th I'll close on our new location!

For a long time, I've wanted to build a place fit for purpose and after we were unable to acquire our current location, I started looking for raw land to build from the ground up... and I've been looking for about 8 months. A couple weeks ago the Lord answered my prayers by delivering my DREAM location. I kid you not, I've drooled over this location for a long time, but it wasn't for sale.. until a couple weeks ago. I was driving around looking for For Sale signs since a lot of folks don't list properties online and right before I drove back home I said to myself, "Self, go by that one lot and let's take another look". So I did and lo and behold there was a For Sale sign on the lot and I called the guy immediately. We agreed to a price on the spot and everything has been running smoothly since. I've already met with the city and they are on board with our plans!

So, why do I say it's my dream spot? Here's the TOP 5 Reasons why we have such a boss spot:

  1. It's smack dab in the middle of what I call The Golden Triangle; formed by Highway 6, Gordon St. and Bypass 35.. so it's easily accessible & it's less than a mile from our current location!

  2. Has the train ever made you late to class? Well, if you live South of the tracks, you can't say that anymore!

  3. It's 2.5 acres of WIDE OPEN land. For comparison, our current location is .66 acres! Holy smokes, we've got some room to play! Oh, you like obstacle course training... well, this might just happen!

  4. The Tom Blakeney, Jr. Hike & Bike Trail runs RIGHT BESIDE the gym! Finding a location that has a good running area is difficult. Finding a location with a GREAT outdoor running area is near impossible, but we now have one! You can run North and cruise through National Oak Park (It's just under a mile there and back to the gym) and if you want a longer run, you can take the trail all the way down to South Street. Oh... and we may just be able to squeeze out a 400m lap ON the property!

  5. There's room for expansion! Because of the shape of the land and the planned building orientation, we can easily add buildings or extend our gym space as we continue to grow... and since we're talking about growing...

... I'd like to bring y'all into my larger vision for Alvin CrossFit. Imagine if you will a sports complex that houses more than just a CrossFit gym. Imagine if you could drop the kids off at an on-site daycare, bang out a great CrossFit workout, take a shower and then get a massage... all without having to leave the parking lot. Well, that's a real possibility.

There's a lot of ancillary services that could compliment an exercise facility so I'm actively seeking people such as massage & physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, rehabilitation services, Yoga instructors, Personal Trainers and other sports-related businesses. If you know of anyone in a relateable field that may be looking for a new home or may be looking to start their own business, we may just be able to help each other out! We're planning on building out extra spaces to house offices for these types of services and since we're building from the ground up, they could design the space per their specific requirements, thus greatly reducing remodel costs of another space that's not designed for their type of business.

If you know anyone that may be in this boat, please have them send an email to and I'll reach out to them! So, without further Adoue (pun intended), I present a map of our new location (RED box) in relation to our current location. I can't wait to break ground cause the future of Alvin CrossFit is BRIGHT and I can't wait to give all our wonderful athletes a top tier facility to train in!

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