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In 1 month, this athlete was able to..

In one month Jenn was able to not only get started, but make substantial progress on her fitness goals. Read a little about her progress below from Coach Jordan, who has been working with her very closely since she started! I'll also add that Jenn tried to get started at the end of August but got delayed because of a bug, but she didn't let that stop her! Relentless... Forward... Motion...


The journey to health and fitness can present various obstacles whether it be mobility, diet, injuries, proper exercise, and so on. These obstacles present themselves in a plethora of forms along the way and when we are talking about diet, in most cases the usual dilemma is the struggle with getting the weight to come off, well in Jenn's case the dilemma is putting the weight on.

Jenn started the Alvin CrossFit Nutrition Coaching Program in October of 2017 with the goal to gain weight. During her first month Jennifer followed the meal plan, performed the workouts at Alvin CrossFit, and despite catching a dampening sickness in the middle of the month, she managed to dig in and stay dedicated and that resulted in an increase of 1.5% lean muscle mass and an increase of 5.5 pounds in body weight. Outstanding job Jennifer!

Coach Jordan

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