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CrossFit Open 18.2 Results

Is it possible... Week 2 was even MORE exciting than Week 1?! You betcha! I fully expected Saturdays to be the big turn out days but the strategy thus far for all the teams seems to be to do the workout on Friday, see where ya land and then pack the box on Monday night for redos and to watch the leader board. It's so cool to see folks trickle in on Monday and stick around for several hours to help judge and cheer on their fellow teammates and competitors. What an exciting time!


This Thursday, 3.8.18 we'll have an 18.3 reveal party at the box! We'll set up a projector to watch the live stream and we'll bring in some pizza from Little Caesars. The live announcement is about 7 PM so come a little early and hang out with your fellow teammates and gym mates!

The CrossFit Open is a worldwide, online CrossFit competition hosted by CrossFit Headquarters and it's designed as the first test to entry for the annual CrossFit Games, the Super Bowl of CrossFit competitions that's held each summer in Carson, California. In 2017 over 300,000 people participated in the online competition! Over 5 weeks, CrossFit HQ announces a mystery workout each Thursday and participants have until Monday at close of business to complete the workout. We follow the 5 weeks of workouts alongside HQ by doing an in-house Intramural Open whereas athletes are drafted onto teams to compete against one another, earning team points by placing in the top 3 for their division, performing the workout each week and by coming together to show team spirit and good sportsmanship.

I'd like to once again thank our Gold level sponsor, Dr. Ross Leago at Fairway Chiropractic in Alvin for his generous sponsorship. Just before the Open I sat down for lunch with Dr. Leago at Gordon St. Tavern to get to know the man and I was pleased to hear how much his passion for helping people aligned with what we do daily in our CrossFit gym. There's a level of knowledge and desire to help people that rivals our own so I was very happy to invite Fairway Chiropractic to be one of our sponsors. If I didn't believe in their service, I wouldn't have made the offer.

Dr. Leago has been serving the Alvin community since April of 2007 and his staff is one of the friendliest you'll find at any business. I always enjoy walking through their doors so if you're in need of Chiropractic services, I HIGHLY recommend them.. oh, and those massage chairs while you wait! Visit them online at or call 281-331-5000 to schedule an appointment today! Whether you have an injury, need routine maintenance or even need care for your child, their great staff can help diagnose and treat your symptoms!

An update on divisions and scoring...

Something the coaching staff didn't anticipate during planning was the Scaled Master and Super Scaled (SS) divisions to have the same movements so in an effort to provide everyone an opportunity to help their team, we're going to combine those two categories. We want the folks doing the same version of the WOD to have a division to compete with other people at their proficiency level. I goofed in week 1 and I take responsibility for that so I have adjusted the overall team scores back one week. The only thing that changes is that Lorilyn will earn an additional 3 points for her team (Swoldiers) for placing in the top 3 for the SS/ Scaled Masters division.

We anticipate the SS and Scaled Masters division to be equal and doable for every proficiency and we think more people will be doing the SS/ Scaled Masters version of WODs going forward (like we did this week) because traditionally the movements and loads get harder as the Open continues.

Back to the Open...

Open workout 18.2 (as in 2018, workout #2) was "ONLY" 12 minutes long and it's safe to say this workout was underestimated by a lot of people, present company included. "That doesn't look too bad" was a common sentiment upon first glance but the reality set in soon enough. In this workout athletes had 12 minutes to complete ascending reps of dumbbell squats and bar-facing burpees. The reps went from 1-10 meaning athletes performed 1 repetition of each movement, then 2 of each, 3 of each all the way to 10 of each for a total of 55 reps of each movement. Working out the math, athletes had to complete 7 rounds before they were even halfway through with the 110 total reps.... oh, and then whatever time was left the athlete used that time to establish a 1 rep max on cleans so there was an impetus to get through the first part quickly so you could have a few seconds to catch your breath before you had to go diesel on the barbell cleans. We saw a similar format from the Open in 2015 and as was common then, we saw a few people set new 1 RMs DURING the WOD. I know of at least two ladies, Jenn and Angela, that were able to accomplish this feat and I believe James set a new 1 RM too. Apologies if I overlooked anyone... don't forget to record those scores and maxes in SugarWOD!

How did each of our athletes rank? Check out the full breakdown below. This week names have been color-coordinated to their team colors!

Weekly Team Standings:

1st - 39 pts - Kippin' It Real (winners of the weekly Team Spirit)

2nd/3rd (tie) 26 pts - Swoldiers and Purple Reign

Overall Standings Going into 18.3:

69 pts- Kippin' It Real

63 pts- Swoldiers

57 pts- Purple Reign

The race ain't over so stay focused!

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