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CrossFit Open 18.3 Results

We're deep in it now and just over 1/2 way through The Open. The race is still tight and with lots of points up for

grabs this week with the creation of a Scaled + division the standings were shook up quit a bit and it proved to be a great challenge across many skill levels. Our goal of creating the Scaled + division was intended to give our mid-tier athletes a place to compete since there was such a large discrepancy in the skills and strength required between HQs Rx and Scaled division and we saw some outstanding efforts from everyone that attempted it. Will we see a Scaled + division for 18.4??? Only time will tell!

Having personally done both the Scaled and the Scaled + version, I can tell you that these are two COMPLETELY different workouts. For our better athletes it was very possible to finish all 928 reps within the 14m time cap but upon a redo, it was an accomplishment to complete even 1/2 the workout! It goes to show that single unders in no way compares to the energy output (stimulus) of a DU. For the athletes that considered the requirements for the Scaled division from HQ too easy, this workout gave them a great opportunity to really challenge themselves and see what they were capable of... and they did NOT disappoint!

If you have yet to make it in on a Monday night, this is proving to be the most exciting night as we're getting more and more people come back for a redo or just to watch their fellow gym mates compete and to watch the leader board change after each heat.


This Thursday, 3.16.18 we'll have an 18.4 reveal party at the box! We'll once again set up a projector to watch the live stream and we'll bring in snacky snacks from Chik-Fil-A (nuggets anyone!?). The live announcement is about 7 PM so come a little early and hang out with your fellow teammates and gym mates!

The CrossFit Open is a worldwide, online CrossFit competition hosted by CrossFit Headquarters and it's designed as the first test to entry for the annual CrossFit Games, the Super Bowl of CrossFit competitions that's held each summer in Carson, California. In 2017 over 300,000 people participated in the online competition! Over 5 weeks, CrossFit HQ announces a mystery workout each Thursday and participants have until Monday at close of business to complete the workout. We follow the 5 weeks of workouts alongside HQ by doing an in-house Intramural Open whereas athletes are drafted onto teams to compete against one another, earning team points by placing in the top 3 for their division, performing the workout each week and by coming together to show team spirit and good sportsmanship.

I'd like to once again thank our Gold level sponsor, Dr. Ross Leago at Fairway Chiropractic in Alvin for his generous sponsorship. Just before the Open I sat down for lunch with Dr. Leago at Gordon St. Tavern to get to know the man and I was pleased to hear how much his passion for helping people aligned with what we do daily in our CrossFit gym. There's a level of knowledge and desire to help people that rivals our own so I was very happy to invite Fairway Chiropractic to be one of our sponsors. If I didn't believe in their service, I wouldn't have made the offer.

Dr. Leago has been serving the Alvin community since April of 2007 and his staff is one of the friendliest you'll find at any business. I always enjoy walking through their doors so if you're in need of Chiropractic services, I HIGHLY recommend them.. oh, and those massage chairs while you wait! Visit them online at or call 281-331-5000 to schedule an appointment today! Whether you have an injury, need routine maintenance or even need care for your child, their great staff can help diagnose and treat your symptoms! If you can't find an open appointment online, please call their office and they'll do everything they can to fit you in!

How did each of our athletes rank? Check out the full breakdown below. Names are color-coordinated to their team colors!

Weekly Team Standings:

1st - 39 pts - Purple Reign (winners of the weekly Team Spirit)- As a side note, we really saw some massive support for one another come out of their team this week. Great job encouraging and supporting one another!

2nd - 38 pts - Kippin' It Real

3rd 29 pts - Swoldiers

Overall Standings Going into 18.4:

107 pts- Kippin' It Real

96 pts- Purple Reign

92 pts- Swoldiers

This is still a VERY tight race and if we see another big gap between the Rx and Scaled divisions, we'll create a Scaled + division with 18 total points up for grabs! This has been a really fun Open and I'm looking forward to two more weeks of great workouts!

Coach Fergs

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