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4.24.20 At-home Workout

We've officially been closed for a month now and while not ideal, I'm glad so many of y'all are working out at home! I can't wait to get back in the gym and for y'all to see all the remodeling we've done. After our members get a chance to see the upgrades, we'll share some pics and videos on SM!

Today's workout looks relatively "simple" on it's face but it's gonna get hard quick!

5 Rounds for time of:

  • 100 Double-unders (mod to 100 Double-taps, 200 singles or 100 Jumping Jacks)

  • 100 Mountain Climbers (1-count)

If the volume looks like too much, cut the reps for each round or do less rounds but you should shoot for at LEAST 3 rounds of 100 reps!

If you're doing a jump rope movement, do as many unbroken reps as possible before taking a break.

If you're doing jumping jacks, consider that as your active "rest" and just go at a steady pace.

On the mountain climbers, there's a couple ways to attack it. You can go fast and break off big sets (best approach) or you can shoot for a set number of reps, maybe 10 on each leg, then take a quick break.

This workout will SMOKE your shoulders so take some time to warm them up thoroughly and stretch them thoroughly afterwards!

Good luck!

Coach Fergs~

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