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4.25.20 At-home Workout

Today we bring back an old school CrossFit workout format... "Death by 10 meters". This one starts very easy and gets difficult and stays difficult in the later rounds. To set up, measure off 10 meters (approximately 33 feet) and set a cone or marker at each end. This is your "course"

This is a pure gut test that will challenge both your muscular endurance and your cardiovascular & respiratory endurance. How long can you continue to move when your legs and lungs are burning!?

If you fail early and don't feel like you've gotten a good workout, skip a round and start again at the next interval. Rinse and repeat until you accumulate about 15 minutes of work.

Warm-up: 🔥 200m jog 🔥 <--> Butt Kicks 🔥 <--> A Skip or walking high knees (walk, bring knee to chest) 🔥 <--> Toe Walks 🔥 <--> Heel Walks 🔥 10 x Squat to Stand Workout: Death by 10 Meters:

💪 Minute 1: Run 10m and rest the remainder of that minute

💪 Minute 2: Run 20m and rest the remainder of that minute

💪 Minute 3 etc, keep adding an additional 10m each minute and go as many rounds as you can until you fail!

This workout is relatively easy until about minute 8, then it gets very hard! Shoot for 12 rounds. Elite level is 20 +!!!!

How many rounds can you do!? Post your results in the comments on our facebook page!

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