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4.27.20 At-home Workout

Mondays are for benchmark workouts at our gym.. Benchmark Mondays. One of the core tenants of CrossFit is that the workouts are constantly varied. We talked about that in a previous post but essentially, you'll never do the same workout twice in CrossFit... unless it's a Hero workout or a Benchmark workout. This is just one way we keep our programming fresh & interesting. This is also just ONE of the methods we use to track our progress over time! As our fitness improves, so do the results from the Benchmark workouts. There are 15 in total and some of these are the hardest workouts you'll ever love to hate!

So, without further adieu, I give you Benchmark Chelsea...

The format today is an EMOM or "Every Minute On the Minute". Simply put, at the top of each minute, you'll perform the designated work and then whatever time you have left in the minute becomes your rest period... but don't get it twisted! EMOMs are designed to make you hustle to finish and while the minute of work will seem relatively easy at first, it will get increasingly harder to complete all the work in 1 minute. Thus, each time we test this benchmark, we can compare how many minutes we were able to accomplish vs the last time we did it!

In our gym we use a free app called SugarWOD that tracks these benchmarks over time. When entering data, we encourage our members to leave notes or "bread crumbs" so the next time they do the workout, they can trace their steps and make adjustments. This is also handy cause doing ANY CrossFit workout in February vs doing it in August can yield dramatically different results so it's good to have a winter time PR and a summer time PR!

Benchmark Chelsea: 30 Minute EMOM- Every minute on the minute perform all reps for all 3 movements.

  • 5 Pull-ups

  • 10 Push-ups

  • 15 Air Squats

  • Rest for the remainder of the minute!

If you can't do pull-ups, you can do modified rowing! Simply get underneath an object like a sturdy table or even a tail gate, grab the top of the object and pull your chest to the object. To modify it further, you can bend your knees. The more horizontal you are to the ground, the more challenging the movement. To make it more challenging, simply put an object under your feet.

If you can't do push-ups, modify them by doing them from the knees and if that's still too challenging, we can use the same table or tail gate to "raise" our hands off the floor. The more vertical you're standing, the easier the movement.

If you can't do full depth air squats (hip crease below the top of the knee), you can certainly do squats to SOME depth... cause I'd be willing to bet you can sit down on the toilet or in a chair... so find an object of some height, squat down till your butt touches it and then stand back up. Remember to keep the knees OUT!!

Your score is equal the the total number of rounds & reps completed within the 1-minute time frame. As an example, if you were able to do 8 complete rounds but on the 9th round, you only were able to do 5 pull-ups and 6 push-ups before the minute expired, your score would be 8 (rounds) + 11 (reps).

Drop your score in the comments and good luck!

Coach Fergs~

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