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4.28.20 At-home Workout

That was a tough challenge yesterday... and it was supposed to be. That's why it's a Benchmark workout. Don't forget to record your results in the SugarWOD app (free). Next time you do it, you'll have experience and from what we've learned after 7+ years in this game, you'll do better!

Today we've got a shorter, recovery-type workout of 21-15-9 reps of:

  • Burpees!! (don't forget, chest to DECK!!)

  • Box Jumps (if you don't have something you can jump on that's between 12"-24", find an object you feel safe jumping over)

  • Rows (you can use anything you can fit under to do these... like a table or a tail gate!)

  • Sit-ups

This means you'll do 21 reps of each movement, then 15 of each and finally 9 of each.

As always, we do these AFAP (As Fast As Possible) because that high-intensity aspect is what gets us results!

You're score = the time to complete all the reps.

Good luck everyone!!

Coach Fergs~

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