5.1.20 At-home Workout

Today we've got a classic CrossFit Open Workout. There's only ONE movement and it's gonna be a gut check but this is what I want you to remember as this one gets difficult....

If you tell your body to move, it will move!

I know that sounds simplistic but it's literally true. You won't die cause you're breathing heavy and in fact, it's when you DON'T want to move that you SHOULD move cause THAT'S when the HUGE adaptations begin to happen in the body!

Workout: 7 Minutes of Burpees, max reps!

This is the first workout from the CrossFit Open in 2012 and the whole world cringed when they heard it cause as simple as 1 movement sounds, it gets tough quick.

The benchmark number here is 100 reps. Don't get me wrong... that's a lot. A whole lot. It's a consistent pace with little or no breaks. It's 1 burpee every 4.2 seconds.

It adds up quick so if you haven't done this workout before, try for 6 Burpees a minute (1 rep every 10 seconds) and don't beat yourself up on your first attempt. Even our best CrossFitters have trouble getting to 100.

Good luck and let us know how you did!

Coach Fergs~

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