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5.11.20 At-home Workout

If you've been following our home workouts and want to see what it's like in an actual gym under the watchful eye of a dedicated coach, book a FREE No Sweat Intro to find out how to get started with us. We have a beginners course and we're even running a special right now as we reboot from COVID. Just click HERE to book the phone call..

It's such a pretty day (again) so I thought what better way to start the workout week than with some sunshine running!

3 Rounds:

  • 50 Sit-ups

  • 400m Run

If running isn't an option for you, get on a bike and ride 1/2 a mile (800 meters) as fast as you can in place of the 400m run. We commonly sub either rowing or cycling for folks that can't run so they can still get in a great workout.

If you don't know how far 400m or 800m is, just shoot for 3 minutes of running (to mimic 400m of running) or 4 minutes of quick bike riding. The distance isn't crucial. The intensity is so just keep the heart rate up and push hard towards the end cause the legs will get a break as you recover on the sit-ups!

Good luck!

Coach Fergs

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