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5.4.20 At-home Workout

"May the 4th be with you." Happy Star Wars day to all the fans out there. I saw Star Wars at the drive-in on Telephone road when I was 4 years old and that movie, and the franchise, will always have a special place in my heart!

We can't wait to get back to Jedi Training IN the gym so until then, we meet daily at ACC to continue providing workouts for our members. It's not the same but we still enjoy getting out together!

Memorial Weekend is always a special weekend for CrossFitters as the vast majority of affiliates from around the world take part in the Hero Workout, MURPH, in honor of US Navy SEAL Lt Michael P. Murphy.

With the lock down in place, it's been hard to train for Murph (since we need a pull-up bar) but we can certainly work on the other aspects of the workout at home so to get us headed toward that day, we've got....

For time, as fast as possible:

  • Run 1 mile

  • 100 Push-ups

  • 200 Squats

  • Run 1 mile

If you've never done this workout, I HIGHLY encourage you to cut all the work in HALF and EVEN MORE if you haven't been training. While these movements are "only" bodyweight, the sheer volume is enough to make even the most seasoned CrossFitter sore for a couple days.

Start at a conversational pace for the run and break up the push-ups and squats into manageable chunks so you don't fatigue the muscles too much too quickly. The book end runs will not only help you warm up, but it will also help loosen up the legs after all those squats!

Good luck!

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