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5.5.20 At-home Workout

Today we're going to re-visit a workout we introduced about a month ago. It's the CrossFit Benchmark workout, Annie. We periodically re-test these benchmark workouts so we can track our improvement over time.. cause the work we do IS MEASURABLE!!

This is one of my favorite, cause I LOVE Double Unders (2 passes of the jump rope under the feet for each jump).. but this one is always deceivingly difficult cause of the volume of sit-ups. EXPECT to be sore for a couple days after this one.. good thing it's the weekend!

This workout not only requires a good bank account of muscular stamina, but also a HIGH degree of coordination and timing to be able to do the double-unders..

"Annie” 50-40-30-20-10 Reps of each movement For Time (AFAP) As Fast As Possible:

  • Double-unders (DUs) (If you can't do DUs, do 2x as many jump rope singles OR work on your coordination by doing Double Taps- Jump, tap the thighs twice before you land back on the ground!)

  • Sit-ups

Lots of jumping today so be sure to warm up those Calves and Achilles! To "unpack" the abs after all those sit-ups, try doing the Yoga pose "Cobra" for 20-30 seconds!

Good luck,

Coach Fergs~

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