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5.7.20 At-home Workout

Well folks, the news is in and we're going to be able to open and run classes outside! We've got the "all clear" from the city and we can even use the restroom in the gym so we won't need to get a Port-a-Potty :-) So... this will be the last week we're providing at-home workouts.

We hope you've found some value from our workouts and maybe this is your first time to do any exercise... and that's great! We want to invite you to come TO our gym and be a member, working under the care and guidance of one of our professional coaches.

We have several services besides "just" CrossFit so if you've been looking for a place to help you lose weight, keep it off, add lean, toned muscle and do it in a fun way with other like-minded people, simply click HERE to book a FREE No Sweat Intro phone call and I'll call you personally to answer all your questions and find the right program that will help you develop the fitness to do all the things in life that bring you joy, whether that's pick-up games on the weekend, a more fluid golf swing or just having more energy to play with the kids and grandkids. We've got you covered!

Now... on to the home workout!

Perform 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps For Time:

  • Burpees

  • Sit-ups

This means you'll do 10 reps of both movements, 9 reps of both, 8 reps and so on.

Pace yourself on the burpees so you don't burn out too quickly. This format is heavily weighted on reps in the early rounds so by the time you get done with the round of 8, you'll be more than halfway done with the workout!

As you get down to 5 reps and below, try to pick up the pace and go unbroken (no breaks).

Good luck and let us know how ya did in the comments!

Coach Fergs~

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