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7 Stretches in 7 Minutes to Eliminate Lower Back Pain

In the past I’ve struggled with lower back pain and I still struggle with Sciatica pain. When things hurt, you search for solutions. For me, stretching, foam rolling and seeing a chiro or massage therapist when things got really outta whack has always been the cure and you have probably seen me in the gym doing some of these stretches as well as a few others. Now you know why!

Remember, the point of pain is NOT always the point of the problem. The pain in my back and along my sciatic nerve down to my tingling toes wasn’t the point that needed treatment. I could have rubbed my toes until all the little piggies cried, “WEE WEE WEE!!” all the way home but it would have never solved my issue. I had to get to the root.

My issue started with tight quads and knots deep in my glute (butt) that pressed on my sciatic nerve. I still roll them regularly to keep them normal but if the issue ever flares up again, I know how to treat it and as Dr. Kelly Starrett of Mobility WOD says, “We should all know how to do basic body maintenance on ourselves.”

As coaches, we’ve either experienced most issues ourselves or we know someone who has… and we always learn from it. If you have an issue, don’t suffer for no reason! Ask me or one of our coaches if they know something that could help so we can get you back on track. Physical labor is hard on a body. Learn how to take care of it for many more years of happy mileage!

Click HERE for a list of 7 stretches + 3 bonus stretches to help your lower back! Try them all and remember, just because it doesn't "feel" like it's doing anything, it is!

Coach Fergs~

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