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Why Do These People Show up for YEARS!?

It's CrossFit Anniversary Time!

Each month we celebrate yearly milestones for our members. And this is HUGE!!

In the fitness world, it's almost unheard of for people to consistently go to the gym more than a few months before quitting. Let alone SEVERAL YEARS!!

Did you know that over 70% of Americans give up on their New Year's Resolutions by JANUARY 12TH!? If you're still on your grind, congratulations but when we push that date to the end of the year, over 90% of people that set fitness and/ or nutrition goals have given up, many never to try again.

Not in our house. We're playing chess, not checkers. We're in this for the long-term health benefits!

We've got a lot of people to celebrate and I could tell you so many wonderful things about each of these people so I'll share what I think of most when I think of each of these people.

Rebecca- No holds barred. You never know what's gonna come outta her mouth (it's always funny) but her loud personality is equally backed up by an impressive tenacity to NEVER take a step backwards in her fitness journey. Beccah had already lost over 50 lbs on her own before coming to us but her progress since joining speaks volumes for her hard work. She jokingly threatens to quit nearly every day cause she pushes so hard to improve, then as she walks out she says, "See y'all tomorrow" Beccah regularly brings her two boys and we love giving them a big yard and a few other kids to play with while mom gets her stress relief on with her #430Crew ladies. Congrats Beccah!

Mother/ daughter duo Sheri & Emily started together 3 years ago and a couple weeks ago, they got Paw to join too! Emily was still in high school when she started and struggled with many aspects but her willingness to listen and improve has served her well. Although her goal is not to lift heavy stuff, she clearly excels with a barbell in her hands and displays solid, SAFE technique each day. Keep pushing E-miley!

Sheri is one that shares the background of many people that seek our help. She was never very athletic growing up, aside from dance and never stuck to an exercise program more than a few months. She will NEVER be that person again. Sheri is always inquisitive and stands out as someone that genuinely wants to continue improving, never settling for being "only" as good as she was the last time. She's always asking for the little technique tweaks to fine tune her workouts. Once again, the results speak for themselves!

Johanna cruises into her 4th year and even though she goes to another gym due to her work schedule (she's the Alvin-Manvel Chamber of Commerce President!) she still makes time to drop in from time to time and catch a workout with friends she made in our gym... people she continues to do all sorts of fun things with outside the gym. If you surround yourself with like-minded people, you make friends for life. Do you need better friends? "JoJo" is one of those people you just can't outwork. She took to heart early-on the concept of constant movement through her workouts and she's only gotten faster as her fitness continues to improve. These workouts can be tough, but if you tell your body to move, it'll move. You just have to put in the time to find your tempo. Four years ago she struggled to jog. Now she signs up for half marathons (13.1 miles).

What physical achievement would YOU like to be able to accomplish in 4 years? Perhaps like Johanna you have nothing specific when you start. But if you show up, you'll be prepared for when something DOES pique your interest!

Angela swings into year 5, following husband James who joined about 6 months before her. This is not uncommon... and it's great when family's join because it gives them yet one more thing to bond over. These high school sweethearts have 3 beautiful kids that come with mom most days and they have fun playing in our backyard (YAY PLAYTIME FOR THE KIDDOS- lets burn off some of that energy) while mom gets some much appreciated time with her #430Crew ladies. Angela is one of the most positive, happy and upbeat people to stroll through our doors. This is a "No Excuses" type of Texas gal right here... even when something hurts, she comes in, asks for a modification and continues to put in the work. Every athlete deals with pain. Not every athlete is willing to keep doing what they can while they recover. Angela is, and her push-ups and pull-ups (seen in her photo) have improved tremendously since we’ve focused on the upper body things she CAN do! I can't believe it's already been 5 years... I remember it was like yesterday you were just a little CrossFitter... now you're all growed up!

Next up is Shelly. This is another person that comes in with a tremendous, smiling attitude every workout. Are you seeing a trend yet… these people actually ENJOY working out and that positivity and camaraderie is THE #1 reason why people stick around when they’ve quit everything else they’ve tried. Shelly is another one of our ladies that wields a barbell like it was a Light Saber. I mean.. her technique is CLEAN!!! I love watching her lift.. cause it makes me a better coach. Most coaches can spot and correct gross movement flaws but to really become a great instructor, you have to be able to look for those ever-so-small changes that can help the client continually improve and Shells gives our coaches plenty of chances for that, cause there’s not much to correct.

Last, but certainly not least… she’s number 34 on your roster but #1 in your hearts… LESA hitting that Biblical number for perfection (7) years punching out workout after workout after workout. I looked back at Lesa’s attendance since we started tracking it in 2015 and she’s logged almost 800 workouts! WHAT!! Lesa is another one of the #430Crew ladies and might be the strongest lady in the gym at the moment. When she’s on, she’s dropping THUNDER!! Aside from her raw strength, she’s another joke-a-minute ladies and I legit crack up at some of the witty things she says. Like a lot of people in life, Lesa struggles with mobility and I regularly joke with her that she's stiff as a 4x4 but the truth is, she's improved tremendously since she started. It's funny how that happens when you start exercising.

It’s an absolute delight having so many great people to work with on a daily basis. Thank you ALL for having the courage to book that first appointment!

What do all these people have in common? They just keep showing up. YOU could be featured in this post next year. Why don’t you make this year THE year to build a healthier happier life through fitness.

Book your FREE No Sweat Intro from the link below to find out how we can help you on that journey cause in 3 weeks, you’ll see & feel the difference. In 3 months, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

Happy 2020

Coach Fergs~

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