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  1. How long have you been doing CrossFit and
    what was your athletic background before CF, if any? 

    I started at Alvin CrossFit December 2020. I didn't have any athletic background before joining.


  2. Is CrossFit different from what you thought it was before you came in? How so?
    CrossFit is completely different then what I anticipated. I thought that CrossFit was like boot camp with a coach in your face yelling at you the whole time to do more and push more. I never thought I would like someone correcting me or watching my form, but now I  am the first to say tell me if I’m doing it wrong. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, it is a true judgement free zone. I love having a coach to tell me exactly what I need to work on every day and show me proper form and technique.

  3.  How does CrossFit compare to any other fitness training you’ve done? 
    I went to Planet Fitness before I joined CrossFit and I was so lost. I didn’t know how  to use the machines, I had never done a deadlift or even touched a barbell. I only did cardio and I hated it. I could easily talk myself out of going because I didn’t have anyone to hold me accountable. At CrossFit your friends are there and they want to know where you are when you don’t show up. If I miss a few days Coach Shannon is reaching out making sure I get myself back to the gym. The people keep you going at CrossFit. They want to see you succeed and they celebrate your accomplishments.

  4. Why did you start?
    I had no intention of joining CrossFit. My cousin asked a few girls in my family to come for a free trial with her so I did. After the first class I paid for the month. My family all ended up quitting slowly one by one. I became friends with some of the girls at the noon class and they kept me coming. 


  5.  Why do you keep coming back?
    At first I think I just wanted to prove to my family that I could last longer then they could.  But then I started to see my progress. About 6 months in I did a side by side and I looked totally different. After that I was hooked and CrossFit became my life instead of just a workout.


  6. What are your biggest accomplishment(s) or what are you most proud of?
    My biggest accomplishment is my ability to live my life. I can do so many things now that I could never do before. I have more energy and I have a stronger relationship with my kids because of my ability to keep up with them. When I started I had never picked up a barbell and now I can deadlift 300#. I have changed so much over the short time at Alvin CrossFit. It has opened me up to a world of possibilities and I live in a mindset that I can do anything if I try hard enough. I have become a happier more confident person and my home life has improved, my friendships have grown, my life is all around  better because CrossFit helped me learn to love myself.

  7. What is your favorite CrossFit movement?
    The Snatch or Squat Clean have to be my favorites.


  8. What is your favorite healthy meal?
    I keep my food simple I like to make a fajita with corn tortillas. It’s a very easy quick meal  you can change the meats up to give yourself some variety.


  9. What do you enjoy doing away from the box or tell us anything else that’s important in your life? 
    I spend a lot of my time with my Dalmatians training and going on walks.


  10. Any advice for new members?
    Consistency is key. There’s no trick to it. I don’t do anything special. I show up everyday and do what’s on the board. Your not going to be the best everyday, but everyday you will be better than yesterday.

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