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  1. How long have you been doing CrossFit and what was your athletic background before CF, if any?
    About 1-½ years, I was only doing some Rucking prior to me starting CrossFit.


  2. Is CrossFit different from what you thought it was before you came in? How so?
    Yes, it was more intense than I thought it would be, but it is extremely rewarding.

  3. How does CrossFit compare to any other training you’ve done?
    Well, since this is basically the only training I have really done, it is awesome.


  4. Why did you start?
    My sister is the real reason I got started.  She was doing CrossFit where she lives and after me complaining all the time that I need to get in better health, she told me to try it.  Being that I am very shy, I had a hard time convincing myself to try it…after I did the 101 Beginner's Course, it took about 30 days before I actually came to a class.  Once I started, I was hooked.


  5. Why do you keep coming back?
    Since I am an avid 4am/5am, I have created a special bond with those other avid 4am/5am athletes, and without them I would have probably quit.  I am in better health, we challenge each other with great 4am workouts and with non-stop accountability we share, it's hard not to workout with such a special group.  Thank you 4am/5am-ers.

  6. What are your biggest accomplishment(s) or what are you most proud of? Go ahead, brag a little!
    * Weight lost – 33lbs
    * Dropped from a 40" waist to a 36” waist in jeans and from XXL shirts to XL/L shirts
    * Lifting accomplishments? – more than I can think of. I am constantly hitting new PRs (Personal Records)
    * I have cut my blood pressure meds in ½, and doctor check-ups have been great.
    Better yearly check-up with the doc – never been better.


  7. Benchmark workouts you’ve done well at or improved upon.
    The Mile Run. We do a lot of running at 4am…I never thought I would be a runner…however my mile time in January 2019 was 10:51 and then December 2019 I did it again and dropped to 9:21…If that is not improvement, I don’t know what is. I give all my thanks to the 4am-ers for pushing me to this accomplishment.  I even ran my 1st 5K and my time was 36:38… Not bad for a 240 lb person for their first time.

  8. What is your favorite CrossFit movement?
    Back squat


  9. What is your favorite healthy meal? Feel free to share the recipe of you want!
    Chicken and veggies


  10. What do you enjoy doing away from the gym or tell us something else about yourself?
    I like to go camping / overlanding / Off-roading or anything adventuring. With my youngest playing softball, this will consume my time also.


  11. Any advice for new members?
    Yes, all you have to do is just start and you will be hooked…Don’t worry about what everyone else is lifting or how fast they are doing the workouts, because if you stay true to your goals, you will be there (and more) before you know it.
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